About MARK

Hi Im Mark Jones, a former Royal Navy Physical Trainer with a specialist role in Exercise Rehabilitation.  I have a broad and diverse background in helping get people back to optimal fitness levels following an injury or chronic long term conditions.

The need to learn how we move and function better has led me on a fascinating journey to understand the most complex living organism on the planet - the Human Body! 


I served 25 years in the Royal Navy with 17 of those as a Physical Trainer. In 2007 I joined the world renowned Joint Service School of Exercise Rehabilitators at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre - Headley Court where I began my journey into the very effective world of exercise based therapy. 

I have helped many people recover from a wide range of injuries and conditions from complex battle trauma, chronic low back and knee pain to post surgical procedures such as hip replacement and ACL reconstructions.

The most challenging and also the most rewarding role for me was the lead instructor atthe complex trauma unit (Hasler Company) set up mainly for the elite Royal Marines Commandos and Special Forces who had sustained life changing injuries and conditions from operations in Afghanistan.   

This was a highly unique environment which proved to be an excellent training ground both professionally and emotionally from which to bring 'Three Sixty Rehab' to the wider population.

I still find myself with a tenacious drive to find the answers to people's pain, I remain on a journey of discovery.  After graduating from St Mary's University with a First Class Honours in Sports Rehabilitation I went on to be mentored in Applied Functional Science under the highly regarded 'Gray institute' with the 'God Fathers of Functional Movement' - Gary Gray and David Tiberio.  

In order to keep Three Sixty Rehab at the sharp end of injury recovery and performance training I have a huge commitment to the pursuit of greater knowledge, especially in the field of advanced movement neurology and soft tissue treatments. 

I always get a real buzz from seeing people become pain free and then go on to do more physically than they ever though they could or would! I'd like to share the same journey with you!


2000 - Physical Trainer Royal Navy 

2007 - Joint Service specialist Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI)

2011 - St Mary's University with First class honours in 'Sports Rehabilitation'  

2013 - Fellow of Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute, Michigan USA)

2014 - Nike Golf 360 Performance Trainer

2016 - Z-Health Neurological Movement Training

2017 - Applied Movement Neurology level 1 & 2