Fully functional Initial Assessments with individually tailored corrective exercise programme

Injury rehabilitation including pre and post operative procedures

Sports Massage and Advanced Soft Tissue Treatments

Functional Exercise Classes

Personal Training

Nike Golf 360 Performance Training

Run Specific Performance Training

Specialist Back Pain Programme - coming soon

Bespoke packages available on request


Initial Consultation/Follow Up sessions -  £85 (approx 80 mins)

Fully functional biomechanical assessment, all issues highlighted and therapeutic treatments given.

On completion you will receive a bespoke exercise programme.

The Rehab Programme

A comprehensive 5 session programme which delivers specificities rehabilitation based around the initial assessment findings.

It is aimed at those who have long standing issues such as back, shoulder or knee complaints (to mention a few) as well those who are recovering from surgery.

The focus of Three Sixty Rehab Course is to identify the root cause of your issue to laser target the pain and dysfunction.

By using a unique combination of advanced neurological and biomechanical strategies we can view the body in the right context which is ‘The Most Advanced Living Organism In The Universe’ and not just a series of bones and muscles. We need to include the brain in the process and allow it to ‘re-boot’ the system in order to get the problem sorted out. This vernally involves a treatment combined with specific movement patterns - the movement is the brain integrating itself with the new freedom of pain free movement.

This joined up approach allows us to see more deeply into WHY you have the issue and how to effectively treat it.

Three Sixty Rehab uses Functional Biomechanics, Applied Movement Neurology, Advanced Hands on Soft Tissue Techniques and Kinetic Tape to maximise recovery and improved the way you move. This approach sets you up for long term gains instead of a ‘quick fix’ which keeps you returning to the same problem time again. Do it properly and get free from your pain.

You will receive a unique 3 dimensional biomechanical and neurological screening to identify the 'cause of the problem', not just focus on treating the symptom (pain) you have. This results in you having a deeper understanding of your issue, receive advanced therapeutic treatments combined with an expertly designed programme.

Be prepared to learn, be fully involved and get fixed! 

This course comprises of:
- 90 minute assessment - full screening with immediate follow up treatment and take home exercise programme.
- 4 x 80 minute follow up sessions in your own exclusive private Movement Clinic.

5 sessions total £395 (discounted from £425 if purchased individually)

the 'Back School' - (Dates TBC)

This is a highly interactive 8 week education package currently unavailable anywhere else outside of the military but, with the addition of advanced human biomechanics to resolve your back pain, rectify the movement dysfunction and increase strength, fitness and build confidence to get you Back to Life'.

Coming soon!

Other Bespoke packages designed upon request!