Fully functional assessment with individually tailored corrective exercise programme

Injury rehabilitation including pre and post operative procedures

Sports Massage and Advanced Soft Tissue Treatments

Functional Exercise Classes

Personal Training

Nike Golf 360 Performance Training

Run Specific Performance Training

Specialist Back Pain Programme

Bespoke packages available on request Kinesiotape / Rocktape qualified


Initial Consultation -  £75 (approx 90 mins)

To include: 

Fully functional biomechanical assessment, all issues highlighted and therapeutic treatments given.

On completion you will receive a bespoke exercises programme and goal setting.

The Rehab Programme

This is a comprehensive 6 week programme to identify and rectify pain and dysfunction with exercise therapy to maximise your performance and free you from the issues you suffer following long term injuries or conditions.

You will receive a unique 3 dimensional biomechanical screening with specific tests to identify the 'cause of the problem' and not just focus on the pain you have. This results in you having a deeper understanding of your issue, receive advanced therapeutic treatments combined with an expertly designed programme - not the usual 2 basic exercises which have no real long term effect.

Be prepared to learn, be fully involved, have fun and get fixed! 

This course comprises of:
- 90 minute assessment - full screening with immediate follow up treatment and take home exercise programme.
- 5 x 60 minute follow up sessions in your own exclusive private Movement Clinic.
- 6 x 60 minute small class (maximum 4 people) focussed on functional and corrective exercises. 

12.5 hrs of contact time - £395 (works out at £31.60 per hour!!)

the 'Back School' - (Dates TBC)

This is a highly interactive 12 week education package currently unavailable anywhere else outside of the military but, with the addition of advanced human biomechanics to resolve your back pain, rectify the movement dysfunction and increase strength, fitness and build confidence to get you Back to Life'.

The course consists of:
- 90 minute full assessment and immediate treatment to begin the journey back to health.
- 6 x 60 minute Personal treatment sessions with Mark. During this time you will have exclusive access to the 'Movement Clinic'
- 12 x 60 minute classes (maximum 4 people) which expertly guides you through every aspect of the 'exercise for health' regime that will transform your life and lead you away from the fear of movement and back to doing things you always wanted to.

19.5 hrs of contact time - £575 (works out £29.50 per hour!!)
Please feel free to contact Mark and discuss how these courses will benefit you prior to making a booking.

Other Bespoke packages designed upon request!